One Question For... Pastor Kevin

It's obvious that the vision for the Metro Community Center is to positively impact our larger Englewood community, but can you explain what this building will mean for our church, our people, and our ministries? 

I believe that God has ordained the church to be the main dispenser of his grace in the world today. Metro is doing a commendable job of dispensing God's grace right now as a "church in a box," but with our own building, I anticipate almost every aspect of our current ministry expanding and new ministries becoming possible.

Rather than having classroom and other gathering spaces available on Sunday mornings only, we will now have greatly multiplied opportunities to offer a variety of learning opportunities for adults and children throughout the week. We will even be able to provide child-care spaces while adults are gathering in the building.

I envision the building providing a public gathering space where Metro Church and Metro Community Center people can interact, relax, drink good tea, enjoy live music, participate in stimulating conversations, and generally build community with each other. This probably got longer than it should have, but there are a dozen or more additional reasons as well!

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