One Question For... Pastor Peter


Pastor Peter - last Sunday, Metro launched the 'Beyond A Building’ campaign. Can you explain what the campaign is, and the historic participation opportunity that God is providing Metro?

Nearly two decades ago, God gave me a vision for a different kind of church - a church inspired by 2 Corinthians 12:9, where the "weak" and "least" of our society would be welcome and experience the perfect, transforming power of God within a shamelessly imperfect community. People and pastors had told me that a church like Metro could never succeed. Well, fourteen years later, Metro Community Church is not only standing, but thriving. We are officially beyond capacity at Grieco Elementary School! Furthermore, our offices in Englewood struggle to keep up with the demand from all of our various adult and student ministries, not to mention our non-profit organization, Metro Community Center. There is so much life in our community and our challenge/struggle is not having enough space to do ministry at full capacity. 

Our Beyond A Building campaign is an opportunity for our church community to come together and collectively participate in finding Metro Community Church and Metro Community Center a permanent home. In the next few weeks, God is going to inspire, challenge, and encourage our community to go above and beyond for God, and work together towards building the future of His church in Englewood. It is important to note that our goal is not to build just a church facility, but to build a community center that would make a lasting impact here in Englewood. The building would serve our church and the Englewood community. This will be a historic time in the city of Englewood, as they have never had a community center in its history. God is calling our church to make history and leave a lasting legacy within our church community and the community here in Englewood for many generations.

Would you join me in praying and being informed about this Beyond A Building campaign and see how God encourages you to participate in this campaign? Please visit to learn more information about this campaign and how you can be a part of history. God bless you!