Metro Journey (Student Ministry) & Safety Training


The beginning of October is when Student ministries hold its annual safety and preparation trainings.   Although trainings are done throughout the year as individual ministries and with all of student ministries the safety training is our only mandatory training for all our volunteers.   The safety of our students is of primary importance to us and we take this very seriously.   This year’s training included CPR/First Aid/Allergies, student ministry protocols, evacuation/lockdown and serving the special needs child.   Our volunteers even got to try out their CPR technique on our “Metrokin”, Metro’s own CPR manikin. 

As part of the training all of student ministries from MetroTots to MetroX participated in an evacuation drill this past Sunday during class.    What a wonderful sight it was to see our MetroTots march outside chanting and singing.   It was also great to see how efficient and vital our Front Line ministry is to help coordinate and plug in where needed.  The drill was a success and all students and volunteers were calm and cooperative.   

Ancy Post
Student Ministry Director