Sharing His Pleasure with His Servants

Have you ever heard God say to you, "This is my beloved in Whom I am well pleased"? Jesus heard these words when He was baptized but, though we know God loves us, we rarely think that He is pleased with us. But, He is. He tells us over and over in His Word that not only does He love us, He delights in us. He even calls us the apple of His eye! (Psalm 17:8) 

I am in Italy at a Thrive Retreat for Global Women* from North America who are serving overseas. As part of the retreat leadership team, I've been spending a few days preparing for the retreat with the hotel staff. Today, we welcome the volunteer team. Saturday and Sunday will be spent training the team and putting last minute touches on the retreat.

On Monday, our retreat attendees will arrive from all over Europe and Central Asia. One of our goals for our attendees is that they sense God's delight in them; that somewhere deep in their soul they will know that God is pleased with them. We hope to accomplish this through worship, teaching, counseling, prayer and pampering options like pedicures, massages, haircuts and styling. 

I'm here because of my role with Paraclete Mission Group. I am a member care provider and spiritual director for pastors and missionaries as well as all God's people. Metro is part of my sending team, enabling me to serve as God's hands and feet as I come alongside His servants.

Thank you, Dear Metro Family, for praying and giving so I can be here. Would you join with me in asking that the women who come to the retreat will deeply experience God's love for them and return to their places of service renewed and encouraged to continue the life and ministry God has given them?

And- a question for you: Have you sensed God's delight in you lately? What would it take for you to be able to receive that message from Him? Please consider taking a few extra moments today to be still and receive His love and pleasure for you. (Psalm 37:23, Isaiah 62:4)

("Global Workers" is a more acceptable word overseas than the word "missionary.")

Linda Swanson