A Reflection of Coming to Metro X- A Journey of Influence

Being new to Metro X, I was worried if I could live up to the responsibilities of being a role model for the high school students. To make my anxiety worse, the first day I committed to Metro X happened to land on the day Metro X went out to feed the homeless at Penn Station.

My heart was racing, but I was determined to do the best job I could but my fear of not getting along with the students hindered my confidence.

My worries faded away as soon as we began our ministry to the homeless. Two veteran students walked up to an injured woman and gave her a sandwich, a bottle of water and offered prayer. They led the others by example and encouraged them to try the whole experience.

There were a few students who were really shy and couldn't muster the courage to go up to the homeless but by the end of the night, were boldly walking up and offering prayer.

Leading up to the trip, I was preparing on how I would influence the students but completely skipped over how they would influence me. By observing the students I rediscovered child like innocence and a young heart's boldness. It was a true blessing watching growth and faith being spread. I got so much out this experience and I'm so glad I was apart of it.

Raymond Noh