Metro Serving in Lesotho

Rich, Kate, Linda, Kevin and Xolani are representing  Metro in Lesotho at the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) Staff Team-Building Retreat. MAF is the mission Kevin and Linda were with for 28 years and where Kevin served as a jungle/bush pilot. The MAF team in Lesotho serves remote mountain villages to provide medical care, education, community development and church planting. It is an honor for us to come alongside this team of people from Lesotho and North America as they love God by loving our neighbors in Lesotho.

Kim (TX) and Matt (France) complete our team. Kim is leading the ministry for the children. Kate is her right hand assistant and Matt and Rich are helping, too. Together they are putting on a great VBS program for the kids.

Xolani is leading the MAF staff in team building exercises which are proving to be very insightful. The team is enthusiastically following Xolani's instructions with hopes of discovering how to be the team God dreams them to be.

Rich and Matt are doing a fantastic job leading us in worship. And, Kevin and Linda are sharing the teaching sessions. 

We are blessed to be in Lesotho, but we know we are not here on our own. We are able to serve because we have been sent. Thank you Metro for your prayers and financial support. We are grateful for you! You are here with us!