MetroMerge as Church

Hello Church Family!

With the new school year rolling in, MetroMerge has nearly doubled in size! As Pastor Clay would put it, “Praise God for such a wonderful problem!” In all seriousness, we are so blessed in Merge to have these youth and the great many ways in which they contribute to our community! It is quite fitting to say that there is never a dull moment with Merge.

Merge’s vision is centered on setting the identities of our children on the foundation of God. We hope that by the time Merge students move onto high school, they truly know and embrace the idea that who they are is based in Christ alone. Recently, we have been focusing on forging Merge into a community of believers that love on each other and carry each other. We’ve taken that stance quite literally. 

Through fun and fellowship we hope to teach our youth that they too are the church! They are the next set of bricks and pillars being built up and raised to grow the body of Christ. It is not an understatement to say that we cannot survive without our youth. Because we are a church family that has vowed to raise up our youth in the truth and love of Jesus, I’d like to ask that you consider seizing an opportunity to serve God by joining Merge or checking us out to see what we’re about. I guarantee you God will teach you something through our children!

Doug Cho
Pastor of MetroMerge