A challenge from Pastor Shirley...

To my Metro family,
At our weekly staff meeting this past Tuesday, the Metro staff watched the Netflix documentary “13th”. It was a powerful and eye-opening film, to say the least...

Some of you may be thinking, “Ugh, a documentary...”  To be honest, I’m not too big on documentaries either, but I am seriously glad I watched this one and it has left a big impact on me.

I confess that while I’ve always known that racism is wrong and is pure evil, I did not know how much of it controls our country. I have been ignorant to its power and effect in our country that affects us ALL.

Brothers and sisters, I strongly encourage you - in fact, I CHALLENGE you - to watch “13th” and BE IN THE KNOW…both in your mind as well as in your spirit, that we may be on our knees in repentance and move FORWARD in this country in HIS Spirit: for ourselves, our children/families, our neighbors, our community, and for our country. 

Click on the above image to watch "13th" on Netflix...

Click on the above image to watch "13th" on Netflix...

The subject matter may make you feel uncomfortable and may challenge your preconceptions of race and racism in our country (or it may make you feel depressed and hopeless), but it's important that we watch it anyway - struggle through it and allow God to speak to us as we're chewing on the information that the film presents.

I was reminded of our own children in MetroKids and student ministries, seeing their faces in my mind and feeling love for them in my heart, praying for their protection, praying that they could rise above the severe brokenness of our country…of the people IN our country. These are OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. These are OUR DEAR CHILDREN IN CHRIST.

To my fellow Asian-American brothers and sisters - this is our time to be well-educated and know that this is not a "THEIR" issue, but it is an "OUR" issue. You’ll understand what I mean after you watch the film. I pray that we would not let our hearts grow distant with the evil before us, but to watch and pay attention…because it IS affecting us as minorities as well.

I encourage you all, before you make any other judgement on Black Lives Matter - whether it be positive or negative - to please watch this documentary and let’s stand together in His Name and proclaim His power over evil, one step at a time.

Your first step can start with watching “13th” and together, as a community, we can do things that can make a difference - one at a time - because Jesus is our Lord of all.

Pastor Shirley
Pastor of MetroKids

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