Palm Sunday with the Children's Choir

This past Palm Sunday was made extra special with a medley performed by our Metro Children's Choir.  Under the dedicated direction of Amy Hu and Andy Chung, our children rehearsed every Saturday for many weeks to perfect the praise they sang to bless the congregation and celebrate Jesus.  The families and congregation are very grateful to Amy and Andy for the Saturdays they spent with our children and the countless hours they spent thinking about and praying for the performance and our children.  Please read on to hear what led Amy to take on this big responsibility.  Thanks again, Amy and Andy!

Hi everyone! 

My name is Amy Hu and I had the great privilege of directing the children's choir these past few weeks. I just wanted to share my experience with the ministry and to give thanks to a glorious God that allowed me to bear witness to the support of the parents and the willingness of the children. :) 

My decision to lead the choir derived partially from helping out previously with the choir, partially from my desire to teach children the joys of music and encourage their musical education, and partially, and most importantly, from the calling of God to lead his children to praise His greatness. After determining that I would go through with this (and making sure that Andy would be willing to help me with my own musical shortcomings), I started to plan with Metro's AiM in early January. We decided that it would be fitting to have the performance for Palm Sunday! After all, what better way to celebrate Jesus' life is there than to hear a chorus of children, children whom He loves. :)

Rehearsals were every Saturday from the first weekend in February up until the Saturday before Palm Sunday. I was so impressed at how quickly all the kids understood and learned the music, so much so that we had to make the song harder by adding harmonies. And you know what... they got that too! I'm very proud of the work they poured into the song, and I can only imagine how much more proud our Heavenly Father is of their efforts.  At the last rehearsal, I made personalized goodie-bags for each of the children - after all, each child is unique in their own way and I wanted to show them that, although, they are a team, they are also unique individuals who deserved to be recognized as such.

I could not have imagined a better performance and I'm extremely happy with how the song turned out! And if this song performance and children's choir was such a blessing to me, imagine how much more of a blessing God would consider his children's singing. 

I would like to give a special shout out to Susan Pak, who sacrificed her Saturdays to help out and become such a great support for the kids and myself! Her willingness to serve has been such a blessing. Also, a special thank you to Andy Chung for being so willing to play piano, arrange the song, and get me lunch when things got too busy haha! :) And finally, but probably most importantly, a HUGE thank you to the parents who willingly sacrificed their time to give their children another opportunity to serve our Lord and Father! To see these children praise the Lord so warmly made me so proud and moved, and it could not have been done without all of your help! 

I honestly think this experience has made my life considerably richer, in spirit and in heart, and I'm very thankful to have gotten the chance to participate in building the Lord's Kingdom in this way.