Metro Staff Retreat

Getting away together as a staff is an incredible privilege. Today, 13 of us drove to Spruce Lake Retreat in PA. 3 more will join us tomorrow, and though a few will drive home tomorrow night, most of us will be able enjoy being together in this beautiful Poconos location till noon on Saturday. No church business is planned for our retreat. Instead, we'll play some games, talk and laugh a lot, have time for silence and solitude and team building. There will be a creative gift exchange and words of affirmation. The pace will be slow and the time will be rich. 

When we head home on Saturday, we will know each other better and be better able to work with each other. Not only that, our unity will be strengthened and our love for one another will have grown. Yes, it is good that we can get away together... it is probably one of the most important things we will do this year.