Our First Bible Memory Verse Challenge

The finals for our first ever Bible Memory Verse Challenge happened last weekend. We believe in two things: the Word of God is speaking, and the Word of God will change the person who reads it. We believe that it is a powerful thing when verses are written onto the hearts of men! We pray God’s word would be deeply rooted in our youth! We opened this challenge to all the churches in our community and were glad to have over 20 kids register!

It was really blessing seeing how much Scripture the kids could put down onto paper from memory and recite aloud just by seeing a Bible reference. We hope and pray that they would continue to remember God’s Word! But what really blew me away were the testimonies from parents who told me that they too were focused on God’s Word, friends at school wanted the verse list so that they could potentially participate, and families were able to read the Bible and memorize verses together.

Another wonderful moment was when Pastor Alex from Hope Church shared how what Zimele was doing motivated the kids in her youth group to participate in the challenge in order to help raise funds for Zimele. 

When all was said and done, our winner of a brand new iPad Mini 4 was 5th grader (and second youngest participant), Ryan Tu!

This was definitely a learning experience on my part as I saw where we could tweak and improve the challenge (in my areas), but I am looking forward to holding this again next year!
Doug Cho
MetroMerge Pastor