Good News!

One of my first thing in the morning habits is to check my phone for messages, emails, FB posts. I'm looking for news from those two certain someon's who live opposite day and night from me. What news might I read from them? What glimpses of their lives might I see. Maybe this sounds a bit creepy to you- but I promise I'm that mom who just wants to reach out and touch... and thankfully the loves of my heart are indulgent with me. There often are photos, or news bites, stories of their days.

Acts is a true, historical story of good news. There is adventure, adversity, villains and heroes and many miracles. I've been reading it for over 2 weeks and haven't made it out of chapter 1 yet! I am really impressed by the author's excitement to share good news. 

I heard great news this morning. One of the Syrian refugee families Kevin and I and our Metro Turkey Team met while in Antakya, Turkey, just learned that they will be immigrating to Salt Springs Island, BC, Canada on July 12. Such happy news. They have suffered so much. They have waited so long for this good news. Their wait has been difficult. But, they never gave up hope. Their little girl, who has seen death right next to her, will be attending school this fall with children whose worst viewing may be PNW blustery winter weather, and maybe some family drama. She may never be as innocent as her new playmates will be, but she will regain health in every way and live in peace and safety. There is so much joy in that hope!

Each of us have incomplete stories still being written in our lives. What we are living today is not the conclusion. The plot may thicken, suspense may mount, the number of pages to be read between the crisis and resolution may seem too many. But, like the author of Acts, we can look for the good news woven into our stories and rejoice. What good news do you see in your life today?

Linda Swanson