When in complaining mode, learn from our students....

On Sunday, Metro Edge students learned God provides for our daily needs with a lesson about how God provided the Israelites with Quail and Manna during their time in the desert. The Israelites complained until God answered their pleas. When students were asked, "What would you tell the Israelites if you could go back in time?" they answered with the following:

“Wait for something to come to you and be patient. You can do other things than just complain about one thing or another.”

“If you had the faith when God brought you out of Egypt then you should have that same faith and not forget that faith you had.”

“Don’t complain about stupid things”

“Be patient and let God do His work and don’t panic.”

“Shut up.”

Maybe we can learn a lesson from our students on what to do when we feel like complaining!

Steve Bang
Director of MetroEdge