Ask Pastor Peter a question

Does your family have a worship time? What do you do?

There is no "right" or "perfect" way to have family worship. Every family is unique and requires proper contextualization. What is key is to make sure your family has open conversations about Jesus and God. If the only time God or Jesus is brought up is during your family worship time, then they will have little impact. Parents need to include God, Jesus, and spirituality at the dinner table, or where ever your family comes together daily. 

For my family, we go around at the dinner table everyday and talk about what made us happy and sad. I want my children to process their emotions in a healthy way. Many times when my kids open up, we have thoughtful dialogue on how God was part of the happy or sad moments of our day. Sometimes, it opens the doors to wonderful conversations about sex, bullying, peer pressure, fear, and failure. In addition to this, we also pray every night together as a family and sometimes, we will read/study the Bible together before we tuck in our children to bed. Jenny and I will remind our kids that when they wake up in the morning to make sure they thank God for 5 things in their life. My hope is that my children will grow up as grateful people. Grateful people are often the ones who have a healthy relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Lastly, at least once a month we will have a traditional family worship time. We will gather together in the living room and I will play my guitar and sing anywhere from three to five songs. Worship is not so serious in my house, I want to make it fun for my kids, so we sing some old school songs that have fun motions to it. Afterwards, I will share with them a passage in the Bible that I believe will help them to grow in their faith in Jesus. 

Again, there is no perfect way to do family worship. My recommendation is to make sure God and Jesus is a central topic of discussion in your home. And as your children see you living out your messy faith, all the pieces of a Christian home will come together.