Office Space (Metro Men @ Work)

Breakfast, intros and inspiration before we work

Since we’re in the God on Film sermon series.  I thought it only apropos to reference the cult classic movie “Office Space” for the purpose of this post.  Not the most family-friendly, I know, but many of us who work in an office environment can relate.  Anyhow, I digress.  I take inspiration from one of many quotable quotes from that movie…

"Um, yeah, I'm going to need you to come in on a Saturday."

So THAT’s exactly what we did.  But first, a question:

Where does “church” (i.e., the gathering of God’s people) happen most often at Metro Community church? 

If you answered “Grieco Elementary,” then you’d be… WRONG.

Fo’ sho’, church takes place across three services every Sunday at Grieco, but if you’ve never stepped foot inside the Metro Office in Englewood, then you don’t know how heavily trafficked and oft-used a space it is.  Church happens there pretty much every day of the week!  All of that is good, but over our 4.5 years in the space, things have started to wear down, or minor fixes have been necessary here and there. 

So it became clear to our “Hannibal,” (“A-Team TV show reference), a.k.a., Metro’s Executive Pastor Swanson, that we needed to convene a group of gents (no offense, ladies) to put in some sweat equity to help keep our office space in optimal working order.

A rugged, intrepid, skilled, smart, savvy (and dare I add good-looking) SWAT team of men gathered this morning at the Metro Office to tackle the following projects:

  • Touch-up paint in entryway
  • Paint yellow warning stripe on back doors
  • Replace ceiling tiles – including AiM closet
  • Clean recycle bins – hose down
  • Paint touch-up in conference rooms - C1 & C2
  • Paint touch-up behind thermostat by men’s bathroom
  • Install shelving and power strip in technology closet
  • Install door stops for rear doors
  • Apply rubbing compound to cargo van
  • Driveway
  • Remove small stumps and fill stump holes
  • Cut away all old chain link fence
  • Clear gravel/dirt from beside cargo van parking space

We got it all done in a timely hour and a half, not counting the half-hour breakfast/intros at the beginning.  Many thanks to the following gentlemen of upstanding character and selfless service!

  • Anthony Avallone
  • Dave Chun
  • IJ Hur
  • Won Young Kang
  • Simon Kong
  • Paul Lee
  • Terence Lee
  • John Oh
  • Temmy Park
  • Jeremy Pitcock (thanks for serving on Friday!)  
  • Paul Ra
  • Giovanni Rosario
  • Ron Shin
  • Marvin Song
  • Pastor Kevin Swanson

I’ll serve with you all anytime!  And I loved Rob Shin’s explanation of why he came out: “I came out here from the Bronx b/c I like to do things. This is a great way to get to know others” [my paraphrase].  Man-tastic!

After all was said and done, Pastor Kevin (who doesn’t smoke cigars like Hannibal from “The A-Team,”  but planned and led in the trenches with us like Hannibal) said something that instantly took me back to the following quote from the venerable George Peppard, the actor who played Hannibal: 

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Indeed!  Praise the Lord!  Come out and join us next time!  It’ll be bro-rific and guy-licious!

Now check out the following pix (proof that we work, work, work, work, worked!)

By Wes Nam
Metro Men's Ministry (M3)

IJ – how did you get that paint mark on yo’ butt!? Do it like clean like Rob :o)

Wes is SICK of manual labor (just kidding)

(L to R) Marvin, Terence, Won Young and John hard at work


That stump never stood a chance before Won Young and John

Gio works the Dyson and looks good while doing it!


Temmy installing shelving like a BOSS

Nice work, Temmy!

Tag-team that doorstop install, Paul and Dave!

Anthony and Paul prepping to paint

Simon taming the overgrown leaves

Take it easy on that poor stump, Terence!

Anthony tapes with precision and care

Paul painting safety stripe on the office rear door

Terence and Won Young dutifully cleaning up after Simon

John taking a whack with that axe … kinda fun, huh?

Marvin is deft with that bolt cutter; Terence is his wingma

Dave working the scratches out of the Metro Van

Not bad, Dave and Wes!

Paul and Dave … sittin’ down on the job

Painting high up is no problemo for Paul