A powerful Sunday at Metro

From the children to the adults, each one of us at Metro had opportunities to hear from God today. For the adults, it came through acts of service and through worship, a powerful panel made up of Scott, Angela, Debra and Michael who told us through their personal stories why Black Lives Matter is so important, Kevin's message about Saul and his slippery slide into disobedience, and a great partner's meeting where we heard how the church is doing, listened to and prayed for one another.

I think God worked in the soil of our hearts and church today to continue planting the harvest He wants to reap. Plowing is an important part of that process and plowing can be pretty uncomfortable as God digs up the weeds in our lives. Clearing the ground for a new harvest can stretch our understandings about life and take us into uncomfortable territory. Following His direction and obeying His Word can mean we don't do what we want to do. Our Heavenly Farmer is at work in our soil. Will we let Him prepare us for what He has next for each one of us and for Metro?

Submitted by Linda