Metro is serving God in Bulgaria this weekend

I'm writing from Tryvana, a small village in the Bulgarian mountains where women from a church in Stara Zagora have gathered for a women's retreat. Some of the older women have told me that they live on less than $150 a month. They are amazed to be at this retreat. Other women have told me why it was hard for them to get away from responsibilities to be here, but they are so glad they came. Lawyers, professors, medical professionals, shop workers and many other professions are represented here as well as great-grandmas to young women; married, single, widowed and divorced. In other words, this group of women look like the women at Metro, and just like us, they are hungry to know God's truth. 

I've been speaking on the topic, "Who am i?" We can't really know ourselves until we first know God and learn to find our identity in Christ. So we are exploring who God is and Jesus, too, and how that changes our view of ourselves. I'm speaking through a translator, so the women are actually listening to each message two times! I would think it might be a bit boring for them, but they seem to be hanging onto every word. 

The third session ended just about an hour ago. One of the older women grasped my face in her hands and smothered me with kisses, all the while telling me something very dear to her heart. I have no idea what she said, but I know God does. I'm so thankful because the glory and praise belong to Him.

So, Metro- you are with me in Bulgaria this weekend with your prayers and support. I'm so glad to have your companionship. Thank you for sending me and for not letting me go alone.

Linda Swanson