Travel Agents and Tour Guides

I used to rebel at the very idea of going on a guided tour. Why would I pay someone to tell me things that I could figure out on my own? I had no problem going to a travel agent to buy some tickets, but after that I was good on my own...or so I thought. Several years ago some friends took Linda and me on some guided tours and everything changed. I realized how much I was missing trying to figure things out on my own. Having a tour guide along increased the enjoyment and overall experience exponentially. An unintended consequence was that the tour guide piqued my interest enough for me to want to read and research more about the place I had been.

Last Sunday Pastor Peter invited the entire Metro family to join in on a journey through the story of the life of Jesus Christ as written by Luke. He did not invite us as a travel agent. He didn’t sell a ticket to you and send you on your way. He invited us as a tour guide. He and the rest of the pastors are going on this journey for the next several months and the invitation is for you to come along. Together we will discover all kinds of truth about God and his relentless love for us. And, because we make the journey together, we will achieve so much more than any of us could alone.

So now what? Good question…here are a couple thoughts:

1.     Our commitment to you is to always provide the scripture that we will be journeying through on a given Sunday, one week in advance. That will give you the opportunity to read the passage at least once before we gather on Sunday.  Reading ahead will greatly enhance the benefit you receive.

2.     If you miss a Sunday at Metro, make sure you either watch the Live Stream of the sermon on the Metro web site or listen to the podcast before the next Sunday. You really don’t want to miss any of the stops on this journey.

3.     Make it a priority to talk with someone about the sermon. This can happen in the car on the way home from church on Sunday, over coffee with a friend, or with your Underground Group. Experts have concluded that READING, HEARING and DISCUSSING combine to help us learn and retain what we hear. 

This coming Sunday we will start the journey  by looking at Zecheriah who plays a key role in the story of Jesus. The scripture to read is Luke 1:1-23, 62-80. This is one of the longer passages, but I know you can do it!

I am really looking forward to making this journey with you!     

Pastor Kevin