My First Men's Retreat

Last week, I went on my first-ever Men's Retreat, which was held at Pilgrim Pines Camp & Conference Center in Swanzey, NH. When it comes to Jesus' parable of the seeds, I relate to the seed that falls among thorns - because of the grind of daily life - so I was thankful for the privilege to get away. Pilgrim Pines is a beautiful place; in the mornings it was easy to spend alone time with God while overlooking picturesque and serene Swanzey Lake.

Metro's own Pastor Kevin Swanson spoke at the retreat and he shared about what it means to be a neighbor to the people God has placed in our lives. We studied and reflected upon the Parable of the Good Samaritan. We also discussed the challenges of being neighbors in our country during this incredibly divided time.

We went hiking during the retreat and hiked the 3,166-foot-high Mount Monadnock and I got my butt kicked! I'll never hear the end of it since I was the youngest of the ten Metro guys who did the hike...but I was the slowest. Dennis Kwon, Temmy Park, and Pastor Kevin Swanson were the fast crew that raced to the top - they're like machines! The views from the top of the mountain were beautiful. I think there's something special about being outdoors; Jesus also spent intentional time in the wilderness. 

The brothers even taught me how to play the board game, Settlers of Catan. What a complex game, but it was fun!


I was very humbled and thankful to be around men from whom I can learn so much. Everybody has their own unique testimony, family background, and wisdom from life experiences.

Special shout-outs to Pastor Kevin for delivering God's Word and Paul Ra for driving us in the church van! He drove every mile.

Until next year, Pilgrim Pines!

Submitted by Rob Shin