Metro Goes To Uganda

I'm in Uganda to help put on a retreat for missionary women serving in this region of the world. 33 women from about 7 nations and many organizations stepped away from their responsibilities as teachers, doctors and nurses, engineers for clean-wells, agricultural specialists, and church planters who all have a desire to see people come to know Jesus and grow in their faith came to the retreat. It was a wonderful experience for all of us; the volunteers and our guests.

I spoke four times to them and met with many for one-on-one prayer. They told their own stories of God's work in their lives set in the setting of war, violence, famine, refugees, evacuations and displacements, poverty and injustice. It was a such a privilege to listen and pray with them and I was changed by being with them. 

I'm thankful that Metro uses part of the Christmas Offering to participate with me in my work and that so many people at Metro pray so I can serve. I am not a brave or courageous person on my own. Being away from Kevin is not my favorite thing to do and I miss my church family. But, when I realize that these women have left everything to serve here I'm humbled to be able to come alongside of them. Over and over and over again I've been hugged, cried on, and told how grateful they are and how refreshed they feel after the retreat. As they return to their real lives today, they inspire me to live a life spilled out for Jesus. 

Submitted by Linda Swanson