The Metro Staff Retreated With Jesus And Each Other

Our Metro Staff just got home from a 2 night staff retreat at Spruce Lake Retreat Center in PA. They had a wonderful time as these testimonies tell us....

I’m immensely thankful for our staff because they are people of integrity that genuinely love God and people. As the lead pastor of the church, I do not take it for granted what a wonderful team we have. God has blessed me and Metro for bringing us together to serve his kingdom. – Peter Ahn

Thankful to be on a staff that genuinely cares for each other and loves spending time together in prayer and fellowship.

Every year staff retreat is one of the highlights of my year because it’s a time for us to have fellowship and recharge and pour into one another as a family.

Thankful that I joined staff in time for the retreat. I’m so amazed by how open and honest and loving this group is. I feel blessed and honored to be joining this team.–Janet Kwon

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to get away from regular day life and every year it has been a blessing in a different way.  And once again, this year, God reminded me what a beautiful community we have at Metro staff.

I especially appreciated the opportunity to share and to practice spiritual disciplines in the same space as my friends and colleagues.

At this year’s staff retreat God invited me to hide in the Shadow of His Wings, both in solitude and in community, to escape together and REJOICE together in laughter and MOURN together in tears with such depth in the unity of the Spirit. Thank You, Father! – Shirley You

At this year’s retreat, God really ministered to me through the opportunity to share my story and to hear others’. Witnessing the work of God in each person individually, and how God brings all of our stories together to form the corporate Body, is witnessing glory.  – Reba Kim

I love the transparency of our staff in sharing their pain and brokenness knowing that there is love, support and encouragement in the eyes and words of each person.   I especially appreciated the opportunity to feel safe to share and be my true self.  I am glad I got to spend time with each person in conversation, games, encouragement and affirmation.   I am grateful for each person on staff for the gifting and calling God has on their life.  I love that staff retreat allows us to get closer which helps us to serve together better.  – Ancy Post

We have the best staff family ever and once again the staff retreat served as a reminder of that. We talk about pain being the commonality that unites us but it’s integrity that allows us to share our pain. In listening to people share their pain and hardships I realized that we are people of integrity who are honest and aware of who they are but also the work that God is doing in them.

I came to grow and rest in God with my church staff family. We did hard work digging deep emotionally and spiritually. I appreciate everyone’s willingness to share such great hurts and the encouragement of the loving affirmations. God did many good things during this retreat and we leave better equipped and encouraged.   ~Anna

The staff retreat was a wonderful bonding experience. Betty.

I really appreciated the time with God and was reminded that I need to do this on a weekly basis.  Jenny