Staying Spiritually Engaged

Let's be honest, staying spiritually engaged with God is a challenge and an uphill battle that many of us face daily. While we acknowledge the importance of God in our lives, very rarely do we find the time to nurture our relationship with him. We struggle to build relationships with people that we can physically see, touch, and hear; and that is why it is almost an impossible challenge to develop and nurture a relationship with an invisible God. There are four things that have helped me to nurture my relationship with God that I hope can serve you today. 

1. Slow down my life
In our fast pace world in which we live in, the thought of slowing down is a foreign and painful concept. Slowing down means we let go of control and allow God to take over. If we do not slow down, God cannot minister to us and show us that he is more than capable of guiding and leading our life. I slow down twice a day for 20 minutes of silence. I also spend Thursdays from 9am to 12pm in silence and solitude. And Mondays are my Sabbath. This rhythm of slowing down helps me to fight the busyness of life. Find what works for you, and make time for it the way you do with working, eating, and sleeping. 

2. Listen to three voices in my life
The first voice is the voice of God. I listen to God's voice through my times of silence and solitude, but also through my meditation of the Bible. The Bible is the most effective way to hear God's voice. I encourage you to read the Bible daily. 

The second voice is the voice of my spiritual director/counselor. My spiritual director and counselor are key people who speak into my life. They provide honest insight about God's direction in my life. They help me to navigate through difficult seasons of my life. Their wisdom and words that they pour into me is a strong anchor that keeps me grounded even in the toughest storms.

The third voice is the voice of my soul mate. A soul mate is someone in your life where you share the darkest areas to your humanity. I have two soulmates that I confess my sins to regularly. They keep me accountable and do not let me get away with sinning the same sin repetitiously. They also speak hard truths to me because they know everything about me. Of course they affirm me as well, but the stuff I look for are the hard truths and tough love. Because I trust my soul mates, whenever they speak hard truths to me, I take it as a term of endearment, not as an attack. 

3. Passion for spouse 
It is impossible to claim that you have a healthy relationship with God, when you do not have a healthy relationship with your spouse. Jenny and I make time for each other so that we can grow in intimacy and passion. Most of us are committed to our spouse, but very few of us are passionate about them. Passion comes from God and in order to have passion for our spouse, we need to pray daily for it. Every morning this is my prayer that I would encourage you to pray: "God would you give me passion for Jenny, and I pray that Jenny would have passion for me." A simple prayer like that can do wonders in a marriage. Commitment without passion is like being in prison. Commitment with passion is being free to love your spouse the way God intends for you. 

4. Passion for the lost
I genuinely care and want the lost to come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This is not only for the pastors, but to anyone who calls themselves a Christian. I believe that life with Jesus is better than anything else this world has to offer. And because I believe in this, I want others to find life in Jesus. Our existence is not to have God come and bless our life. But our purpose in life is to bless God by loving and caring for the lost, so that they can find life in Jesus. Life becomes an adventure when we have passion for the lost. 

This spiritual journey is not easy, but necessary if we are to ever live a life worth living. You have come so far, do not quit, press forward, and let's bring transformation to this world so that our God is glorified as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

Peter Ahn
Lead Pastor
Metro Community Church