Gifts From Metro Bless Many

Today, 20 May 2017, Swayimane Community Hall was a hive of activities as 79 orphaned and vulnerable children who are part of the 100 children cared for and supported with schooling needs by Inceboyenkosi gathered for their every other month life skills workshops. This meeting was different from all other meetings. The children also came to receive clothes, underwear and sanitary pads donated by Metro Community Church. Also present were 14 grandparents who were invited to a consultative meeting on how best Inceboyenkosi Church could work with them to care for the children. The meeting started with prayer and sharing of God’s word.

Inceboyenkosi, a Self-Help Group and community based project mentored by Zimele Wethu Foundation organized different life skills activities for the children and the grandmothers.


One of the major reasons for absenteeism from school by most teenage girls is the lack of sanitary pads. Most girls stay at home during their monthly periods as they cannot afford to buy sanitary pads. One of the girls who received sanitary pads today said that, it is not her grandmother’s priority to buy sanitary pads for her as the little income they have at home is used to buy food and other needs at home. During the discussion on the use of sanitary pads, the girls also pointed out that they are advised by their grandmothers and friend to use pieces of cloths or socks that they reuse. It was therefore a great joy for these girls to receive sanitary pads.

After witnessing the joy and gratitude expressed by the teenage girls who received sanitary pads donated by Metro Community Church, Zimele Wethu staff has, for now, taken a step to work closely with King’s Community Church to provide 20 packets of sanitary pads to Inceboyenkosi to distribute to teenage girls who are part of the 100 orphaned and vulnerable children they are caring for. A BIG THANK YOU TO METRO CHURCH FOR THESE AMAZING GIFTS.

All the 79 children received new clothes. It is rare that orphaned and vulnarable children receive new clothes. Thus today was a very special day for most children who stood in the queue for sometime to receive clothes. The children were so excited and appreciative for the clothes. Most of them could not hide their joy as they received clothes, including underwear. Each child who came received not less than three clothes. 21 children could not come for the Life Skills meeting.  Inceboyenkosi team put aside clothes for the 21 who were absent today. Thank you so much Metro Church for making these children smile today. The children went home happy and feeling loved. This act of love authenticates the African proverb

We have a proverb that states, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ This proverb means that it takes an entire community to raise a child. Each child has the potential to become the best that God has destined them to be in this life if adults in the community play their role to contribute to upbringing them. Inceboyenkosi, with the support of Metro Church and Zimele Wethu Foundation are making a huge difference in the lives of these 100 orphaned and vulnerable children.

Thank you all and God Bless,

Dr. Audrey Mukwavi Matimelo