Bringing Our Single Women Into Focus

The Women's Ministry had its second pre-launch event this past Sunday in anticipation of the official launch of the ministry this September.

Our core team wanted to hear from the single women of Metro - to hear what was on their hearts, including their challenges and needs as single women and what they would like to see happen through the Women’s Ministry.

We were thrilled for the turnout; in total, nearly 30 women came out to the focus group! From the start of the meeting, we felt their excitement and eagerness for this new ministry. This was very encouraging!

It was also a diverse group of single women - women from various life-stages of singlehood, background and age. Even with this diversity, the common message was clear: a desire for community, fellowship, support, accountability - in short, a place of belonging where we are not separated by our age and life circumstances.

We are so thankful to all the women that came out to share what was on their hearts and minds. It was immensely helpful to listen and take note of the needs, desires, and hopes of our singles and we are excited for what God has planned for the women of Metro as this ministry continues to unfold. Your prayers are appreciated! Thank you!

Submitted by Jee Cappola
Co-Leader, Women's Ministry