Celebrating Pastor Shirley

Last Sunday, a group of Pastor Shirley's close friends, staff, and ministry team members gathered together to celebrate her transition from Pastor of MetroKids Ministry to Pastor of Special Needs Ministry. What stood out to me the most in that celebration was how much we collectively wanted to honor this woman - who truly knows how to welcome and love the little ones as Christ welcomed and loved them.

In her 13 years at MetroKids, Pastor Shirley planted some serious seeds of Christ’s love in our children - starting with the very first MetroKids child, Christina Ahn, who is now herself a MetroKids Assistant Leader! But the fact is, Pastor Shirley has greatly influenced the parents and teachers, too.

If you know Pastor Shirley, you know she has a special gift to make each person feel loved and welcomed as a fellow brother or sister in the Lord. It’s in that signature smile of hers, in her insistent hugs, in her genuine ability to listen!

She may be a small gal, but she packs a punch in the way she delivers her passion for people - especially God’s people. And for that, we are very blessed.

We are excited for what God has in store for Metro and for Pastor Shirley as she follows His lead. Please continue to pray with us on behalf of this amazing sister and her calling at Metro.

Submitted by Lisa Ra

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