Another look at last weekend...

Dear Metro Family,

This is a follow-up on last Sunday’s service. I want to thank everyone who invested so much in our Family Service as well as each of you who generously shared your affirmations of the morning. I believe that God was glorified as we worshiped together across generations!

Given the fact that our children were present in the service, I did not feel that it was appropriate to give the unfolding events in Charlottesville VA the attention that they justly deserve. At the same time, it is totally unacceptable to let these events become just another unfortunate chapter in our country’s sad racial story.

What we witnessed in Charlottesville this past weekend is another indication of an untreated malignancy that exists in our country. The disease has several names, most being unutterable by the majority of my fellow white Americans. But let’s call it what it is; white supremacy, white nationalism, racism, bigotry, hatred, venomous evil, sin. Charlottesville revealed that the disease is not in remission. It runs in our veins and resides in the marrow of our bones. The purveyors of white supremacy have capitalized on our current political climate and have become emboldened to once again bring their heretical ideology into the light of day. Charlottesville is nothing new, it is just a recent manifestation of an untreated, chronic and fatal condition that has existed in our country since before it became a country. White supremacy is not a side-bar or bolt-on to our country, it is one of the foundation stones on which our country was built and today it pervades our society.

The double-speak that we witnessed in the past few days from the current administration does absolutely nothing to combat the disease. On the contrary, the first message held all the code-words necessary to allow the hate-mongers to continue on their current course. The second message was easily written off as acquiescing to pressure from the liberal press, just background noise to the white supremacists.

Metro - racism must not be relegated to our country’s history. It has never been appropriately addressed and it continues to rear it’s ugly head in large and small ways.  I have little hope that the current administration will in any way address root issues and move us in a healthy and redemptive direction.

However, the past 2000 years of Christian history have repeatedly revealed that when the church, following its Head, humbles itself, owns its stuff, acknowledges truth and finds its voice, it becomes a powerful change agent in society. God knows we are desperate for that today!

Pastor Kevin

Photos above are from Lisa Ra and Christy Vinson. Christy organized a peace gathering for Closter on Sunday night and a few of our Metro family were able to be part of the 120 people who came out to stand against evil and racism and pray for our country.  

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