Know Your Enemy

Every week the Metro Staff reconnects with each other for a couple of hours. Yesterday, we welcomed Mi-Young Chung who will soon be joining us as our new Operations Manager.

We also followed some sage military advice, which is to "know your enemy", so we looked at a few passages from the Bible that reveal who our enemy is and how we should respond to him The photo below chronicles the truth we mined out of the scripture...

As you can see, the staff came up with a rather extensive and chilling rap sheet on Satan. In contrast, we were reminded of the overpowering nature of our God and the final demise of our enemy. Finally, we looked at where we fit into this cosmic struggle and how we can best appropriate all the devil-defeating resources God has made available to us.

We don't always get this studious and theological at our meetings, but this week's staff meeting seemed like the right day for this subject.

If you'd like a text copy of this breakdown, please email me at

Pastor Kevin