There And Kwak Again: A Swanson's Tale

Kevin and I had an amazing privilege of representing Metro in Indonesia and Thailand this past June.

In Indonesia, we visited a Mission Aviation Fellowship base to encourage the families that serve the church and people who live in the interior of Borneo. We were privileged to visit, see, experience, listen to, and pray with the missionaries as they shared their hearts with us.

In Thailand, we came alongside Scott and Christina Kwak, and the Adventure in Missions teams from the Philippines, India, Cambodia, and Thailand as they gathered for their first Asia missionary retreat. There, we spoke to the missionaries, met with several for one-on-one prayer times, and met with four couples two times each during the retreat for marriage enrichment sessions. Those were crazy, full days!

Metro, I can’t tell you how much fun it was to be with the Kwaks. We were able to catch up with them and participate a bit in their lives and ministry by listening to their stories and trying to understand everything that is on their plates. They are representing us well in Thailand as they seek to serve God with their very best. What a blessing and honor it was to be with them.

In both countries, we were blessed to see glimpses of what God is doing in and through the missionary's hearts and lives. 

Thank you, Metro family, for sending Scott and Christina, and Kevin and I to serve God and His people. We are blessed to be part of Metro’s global outreach and care for the world that needs Jesus so much.

Submitted by Linda Swanson