4-Years Single: Singles Anniversary BBQ

On Saturday, June 30th, nearly 60 of Metro's singles gathered to celebrate our 4th anniversary as a ministry. As I watched old and new faces come together over human bingo, football, food and more, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to our church, to our community, and to me.

I’ve been attending Metro for nearly 8 years now, which means technically I’ve been around for all the early forms and predecessors of the Singles Ministry (formerly known as RED). However, it was the Singles Ministry in its current iteration that pulled me from the outer fringes and into deep community at Metro in only the last two years.

It was through the Singles Ministry that I planned and attended my first retreat at Metro. It was through the Singles Ministry that I joined my first Small Group (and would later co-lead a group). It was through the Singles Ministry that God opened my eyes and heart to those often on the margins. It was through the Singles Ministry that I met my "soulmate" (after years of listening to Pastor Peter preach about it) and was able to wrestle with and share some of the darkest corners of my heart. It was through the Singles Ministry that I met some of the brothers and sisters that I call my closest friends today. And it was through the Singles Ministry that I have learned to both receive and give love, grace, forgiveness, and hope.

The singles make up such a large population of our church and, while often overlooked, are the cornerstone of so many of our ministries, serving tirelessly in the Arts In Ministry, JAC (Justice, Advocacy & Compassion), the Worship Team, the Kids ministries and more. So, not only was it important, but also such a joy to take the time as a ministry to recognize and celebrate this milestone together. RED stands for Redeemed, Empowered, and Discipled, and while Metro's ministries are moving away from using acronyms in their titles, those were the words I remembered as I watched our singles fellowship with each other at the barbecue.

There are so many opportunities and ministries to call home at Metro, and while the Singles Ministry is the one that is dearest to my heart, my hope and prayer is that everyone finds the same level of community that I have been blessed with through the Singles Ministry.

Submitted by Josephine Wei