Metro Community Church is thirteen years old. From our inception, we have been a portable church, and we’ve never had a dedicated space of our own in which we could “do ministry” 24/7. We hope that by 2019, we will be able to make great strides in finding a permanent home for Metro Community Church and Metro Community Center. In order for us to be ready by 2019, we need to significantly increase our building fund. 

On May 14 & 21, we will hold a special offering at Metro Community Church in hopes of growing our building fund. Here is some pertinent information that you may find helpful.


The building fund will directly impact Metro Community Center and Metro Community Church. This building will be called Metro Community Center and not Metro Community Church.

For decades, the city of Englewood has not had a fully functioning community center, and as a result, crime has continued to grow among young teens, gang participation and violence have been on the rise, and many Englewood students have been struggling academically. Metro Community Center will address these concerns by focusing on education, recreation, and the arts. God has called us to love the people of this city, and we are excited to provide enriching programs that will transform people’s lives. 

The people of Metro Community Church will also be blessed by this permanent facility. Each Sunday, we have over 250 children and teenagers flooding the hallways of our church. Our children and youth ministries continue to grow in leaps and bounds, and it has become amply clear that we are in need of a bigger facility to adequately serve them.

In addition, our adult congregation continues to grow, but with our limited space, we do not have the capacity to foster this growth. Our permanent facility will be twice the size of our current space, ensuring the continued healthy growth of our church congregation. 

Lastly, our new building will allow us plentiful space to engage in ministry during the week. Currently, space is a major issue at our office, and we’ve reached a point in which some ministries have been turned away completely due to lack of availability of a meeting space. With a permanent home, this will not be an issue. 


The location of Metro’s permanent home will be in Englewood’s "Fourth Ward". A key factor in determining location for us is accessibility for students. We would like our community center to have a central location to which students can walk or bike freely and easily. Difficulty in accessing the community center would have a detrimental effect on community participation and engagement. Although looking at locations outside of Englewood would make the process easier, we will not be pursuing that route as we are committed to the city of Englewood. Englewood is Metro’s home


We hope to move by 2019 as the lease in our current office facility expires in 2019. 

How Much? 

Currently, we pay $22,803 monthly for the rental of our office space and school. If we were to purchase space that required a $4 million loan (20 year fixed at 4.5% interest) with a 20% down payment, Metro would pay $20,250 a month. It would be more cost effective to own a facility rather than rent one

Our goal is to raise the 20% down payment, which is $800K, by 2019. The special offering on May 14 and 21 is dedicated to raise the 20% goal, and every year, we will dedicate two Sundays in order to reach the $800K goal. 

You can continue to give independently of your normal tithes and offerings to our building fund even after May 14 and 21.  You can also donate stock as an option. 

I invite you to join us in prayer as you consider giving sacrificially to Metro’s building fund, which will impact the people of our church, our community of Englewood, and the world. 

Need More Info?

If you have any questions regarding our building offering, or would like to learn more about our hopes and dreams for the Metro Community Center, please feel free to contact Pastor Kevin at or Pastor Peter at

Want To Give Now?

If you would like to start giving to our Building Fund today, you are more than welcome to do so! Please click on the button below, which will take you to our online giving page. If you already have an account with our giving service, Pushpay, all you have to do is select "Building Fund" as the giving type and give as you normally would. If you do not yet have an account, set up is quick, easy and secure!