Church Retreat

Metro, you are invited to come rest, relax, and connect with God this coming June at our church-wide retreat! Come spend a week from Monday, June 26-30 in beautiful New Hampshire deepening your relationship with God and your Metro family. We’re also excited to announce that Pastor Dave Swaim from High Rock Covenant Church will be our guest speaker. So, whether your single or married - with or without kids - make this your summer vacation. You will not be sorry! For more info, please email

Retreat Costs:

  • Adults: $313
  • Youth (ages 4 - 12): $156.50
  • Ages 3 and under: Free
  • Camping: TBD
  • Pro-rated: Dependent on number of sign ups


What will the schedule / structure be like?

  • Adults: There will be one service in the morning for adults to go to and the rest of the day will be open for organized games and camp activities including, but not limited: swimming, canoeing, rock climbing, zip-lining, golfing, basketball, tennis, archery, etc.
  • Children: Programming for children is provided all day long, but it is optional

Is the children's program for all ages or specific ages?

  • All ages (infants - 12th grade)

When is the deadline to sign up / pay?

  • June 11th

Is there a camping option this year?

  • We are currently working with Pilgrim Pines to get access to the camping grounds, but it is currently TBD.

What if I want to only come for part of the retreat?

  • You can come late or leave early but you must pay for the entirety of the retreat for right now. If we get enough people to sign up to come for the full week, pro-rated prices will become available.

How do I pay?

  • Please mail a check written out to "Metro Community Church" with "Family Retreat" in the memo line. DO NOT DROP THE CHECK OFF IN THE OFFERING BASKET
  • You can also hand the check to either Steve Bang or Pastor Peter