Fall Marriage Retreat


Dates & Times: From 7:30pm Friday, September 25 to Sunday noon, September 27

Location: Spruce Lake Retreat Canadensis, PA 18325

Cost: $375 includes private room with a queen bed, your own bathroom, linens and 4 meals. 

Who Should Come: Couples who want to take their marriage to the next good place, who want to invest in their relationship, who want to give their children parents who fully love each other, who want their family to have the best foundation for life together.

Registration & More Information: Registration in August, but save a space now by emailing Linda Swanson at lmarieswan@gmail.com


What Couples Who’ve Been To Past Retreat Say...


The marriage retreat was very beneficial to our marriage. I feel that it allowed us to stop and put things in perspective of how a marriage should be. The exercises provided us with the opportunity to express where we were individually in our marriage compared to where we are supposed to be as a unit. We left with the feeling of wanting to be intentional in our marriage, even if with just baby steps.  Because of the retreat we applied praying together to our marriage and have continued.  A strong marriage is the foundation of a household and you must take a break for a weekend from every day life, to focus and adjust it, to protect and secure your family, just like you would take care of the roof of your house or a leak in your house. 

The marriage retreat was an amazing time for my wife and me. It really helped us connect on a deeper level and really get in sync with one another. We are more intentional about our marriage and everything we do together than we ever have been and still reflect on how wonderful our time was in Warwick. We would recommend anyone, no matter what stage they are in in their marriage to go to your retreat! Mysti and Myself would even love to go again next year. 

My take away from the retreat was the retreat allowed for us to realign ourselves in a way that rejuvenated our commitment to making this "marriage" work.  In addition it showed US that we still wanted to put in the time and effort to regain what has been lost or diluted from 14 years of marriage.  Lastly, that we need to be very intentional and start off by identifying the problems and creating small steps that in turn would address the BIGGER problem. 

This Marriage Retreat has proven to be critical to understanding and addressing some unresolvable issues in our marriage. It is relevant for all stages of marriage and for all ages. What we got out of this is a better marriage relationship and made some new friends. If you are willing to put a serious effort and follow the weekend program, then we are confident that you will leave this retreat as a happier, healthier couple. We wish we can go again, but we are only allowed to go once (take full advantage of each day).

Dear Linda and Pastor Kevin -

First and foremost our apologies for not reaching out sooner in providing feedback that has benefited our marriage to this day since the retreat.

Secondly we cannot thank the both of you so much for that retreat which was probably the best 'vacation' Margaret and I had in a long time.

As we were a fairly newly married couple at the time of the retreat we learned to identify potential issues and pitfalls that can arise based on what other couples shared during the retreat. But more importantly we learned that there are simple tools we take for granted that can mitigate if not avoid these issues through open and honest communication while keeping God centered in holding our relationship together. My wife and I were able to identify my shortcomings (ie lack of patience) which I will admit is still a work in progress. 

My love for her in bettering our relationship was a key reason why I wanted to attend this retreat which not only strengthened our marriage but reaffirmed that God will always be the answer in our lives and in marriage- to death do us part God will always see us through any situation. Lastly I am blessed to have my best friend and accountability partner in life to remind us of just that (something which I never had that in previous relationships). Because of this retreat it made me realize that Angels in life do exist and for that I am truly grateful/blessed by God.

I know this is more of a thesis than a sentence or two but to limit it to the latter would not do justice as to what can be gained in two days which has deeply impacted our marriage in a profound and blessed manner.

Our sincere thanks for being a blessing in our marriage!!!