Merging into Adulthood


Welcome to MetroMerge!

MetroMerge is the Junior High School ministry serving the 6th to 8th grade youth at Metro. We recognize that middle school students are at a key physical/mental/emotional/spiritual development stage in their lives. Merge desires for our students to experience a personalized relationship with God and have that overflow into every major facet of their lives.

Merge’s philosophy is holistic and its method is practical. We emphasize a parent-centered and teacher-centered ministry. We desire our Sunday Merge service to be an overflow from the “church” at home. Merge actively encourages parent involvement and engagement with every Merge event.  

It is our vision and desire for our students to:

Merge with God - To have a genuine encounter with a God who calls them Beloved.

Merge students will have a sacred space to struggle with personalizing their relationship with a God beyond the Sunday School stories to one that walks with them in their daily lives. We desire our students to find true freedom and reconciliation in their lives by planting our identity next to the stream of the God who celebrates and mourns with us. Merge will focus on learning the content and context of basic Christianity through dynamic interactive lessons and open and honest discussions.

Merge with Family - To grow stronger in their relationship with their parents and siblings.

Merge celebrates the gift of children and strives to advocate for healthy stewardship of the child’s holistic wellbeing. At a developmental stage where most feel these young people need to have “their own space,” Merge recognizes that a child’s ability to positively relate to the world around them is either stymied or bolstered by the relationships they foster at home. Merge will emphasize and partnership with families to walk with them to healthier relationships through personalized faith formation plans for each family.

Merge with Peers - To celebrate the diversity of our body. Merge is blessed to have a multi-cultural congregation.

Merge students will grow together to celebrate different cultures and celebrate the various differences that arise from them. Merge students will actively engage with each other during Sundays in dynamic small groups, family nights, and outings. Merge students will have a healthy and appropriate space to resolve differences and conflicts in a positive manner.

Merge with the World - To learn that Christ saves not just FROM something but FOR something.

Merge recognizes that church is a “locker room” to prepare us for the real game of spreading God’s love out to our community and the world beyond. Merge will actively partner with JAC and other organizations to “preach the Gospel always, and when necessary use words.” 

Merge meets in the main worship space to worship together with the church at 11:30am. Merge  teachers then bring everyone to Room 336 afterwards for our Merge program.  Merge also has monthly family gathering meetings and monthly outings. 

Age Group

  • Grades 6 to 8

Service Times

  • Sundays
  • 11:30am (meet teachers first in main service)


Ministry Leader

If you would like more information about Merge, please contact Pastor Ancy at