Grades 6 to 8


Welcome to the Middle School Ministry!

Metro’s Middle School ministry serves our 6 to 8 graders at Metro. We recognize that middle school students are at a key physical, mental, emotional, spiritual development stage in their lives. We desire for our students to experience a personalized relationship with God and have that overflow into every major facet of their lives.

We emphasize a parent-centered and Bible-centered ministry where we are supporting and reinforcing what is taught at home as well as engaging Biblical truth. We desire our Sunday service to be an overflow from the “church” at home. 

It is our vision and desire for our students to:

  • Have a genuine encounter with a God who calls them, 'Beloved'. Students will have a sacred space to struggle with personalizing their relationship with a God beyond the Sunday school stories to one that walks with them in their daily lives.

  • Grow stronger in their relationship with their parents and siblings. At a developmental stage where most feel these young people need to have “their own space,” we recognizes that a student’s ability to positively relate to the world around them is either stymied or bolstered by the relationships they foster at home.

  • Celebrate the diversity of our body. We are blessed to have a multi-ethnic congregation.

  • Learn that Christ saves not just from something but also for something. We recognize that church is a “locker room” to prepare us for the real game of spreading God’s love out to our community and the world beyond.

Middle School ministry meets in Room 336 at 11:30am on Sunday. The youth group of middle school and high school students meet for Friday Night Fellowship (FNF) on Friday’s at the church office at 7-10pm weekly.

Age Group

  • Grades 6 to 8

Service Times

  • Sundays

  • 11:30am (meet teachers first in main service)


Ministry Leader

If you would like more information about Merge, please contact IJ at