Ephesians: Living Truly Large


Ephesus was a major center of commerce, religion and magical arts. God worked in extraordinary ways through Paul while he served there, and his letter to the Ephesians is relevant to all churches then and now. In the first part of this letter, Christians are reminded of our glorious new life and new inheritance. God has lavished on us abundant spiritual blessings, which we will unpack over the coming weeks. But with these glorious privileges come corresponding responsibilities. We ought to live our lives as God's blessed people, not as pitiful paupers. This encompasses all areas of our lives, including our personal lifestyle, our community responsibilities and our significant relationships. Knowing who we are in Christ must lead to living who we are called to be. This is not an option but the essence of what it means to be a true Christian. 

Please join us on this adventure of moving from theological truth to practical action.