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Underground Groups are made up of up to 18 people that meet together each week in a common location outside of our Sunday worship services. At Metro, we see Underground Groups as a natural continuation of our above-ground movement (a.k.a. Sunday worship services) with a focus on going deeper with each other as a community of God - hence the term, the "Underground " Movement.

Our Mission Statement

We seek to love each other and God deeply together, and to live more fully alive in Christ. We seek to do through fellowship, biblical learning, worship, prayer, accountability and outreach. We seek to be a movement of people who will help equip each other to serve God in our unique callings, in surrender to His perfect will.


September signals a change of seasons and activities as we return from vacation to school or work. It's also time to resume rhythms of Christian community which are crucial to health. Christians in isolation get strange. Our Sunday "Above-Ground" (AG) gatherings play a significant role in our worship and teaching. But our small groups aka "Underground Groups" (UGs) play a necessary role in our learning and relationships. That's why Metro's goal is to be a church not merely with UGs, but a church of UGs. Sunday church alone will not cut it for the Christian life.

This fall, a variety of different UGs are available. For example, we have UGs for singles, marrieds, families, men, women, mixed groups and ministry groups, meeting at different times and locations. Registration begins September 17, and individual UGs start in early October. Some UGs are already filled/closed, or with limited space; so make sure you sign up early to ensure being part of an UG that fits you well. If there's no UG that fits you, and you have the availability, experience and motivation to facilitate, co-facilitate or host a new UG, please contact or

Group 1: Sundays @ 2pm (bi-weekly)

Leader/s: Charles and Maria Kim
Location: Closter, NJ
Day & Time: Sundays @ 2pm (bi-weekly)
Members: Open To All
Topic: Sermon Discussion

Group 2: Sundays @ 3pm (bi-weekly)

Leader/s: Hakyun Lee & Temmy Park
Location: Short Hills, NJ
Day & Time: Sundays @ 3pm (bi-weekly)
Members: Open To All
Topic: TBD - centered around fellowship and prayer

Group 3: Tuesdays @ TBD

Leader/s: Steve Bang & Clayton Chan
Location: Englewood, NJ
Day & Time: Tuesdays @ TBD
Members: Couples in any stage (married, engaged, dating with intention to marry)
Topic: Discussion of books/devotionals on the topic of relationships

Group 4: Thursdays @ 7pm

Leader/s: Sanetta Ponton & Peter Ahn
Location: Leonia, NJ
Day & Time: Thursdays @7pm
Members: Open To All (no childcare provided)
Topic: Culture Study via Film

Group 5: Thursdays @ 7:30pm

Leader/s: Agnes Hyun
Location: Englewood, NJ
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 7:30pm
Members: Open To All (no childcare provided)
Topic: God at work/Redeeming work

Group 6: Fridays @ 7pm (1st & 3rd Friday)

Leader/s: Bernice Garcia
Location: Englewood, NJ
Day & Time: Fridays @ 7pm (1st & 3rd Fri)
Members: Single Moms (and children)
Topic: MetroLOVES (Ladies of Victory Encouragement & Support)

Group 7: Fridays @ 7pm (one Fri per month)

Leader/s: Deborah & Tera Moore
Location: Hackensack, NJ
Day & Time: Fridays @ 7pm (one Fri per month)
Members: Open To All
Topic: Christian Book Club - White Awake by Daniel Hill

Group 8: Fridays @ 9am

Leader/s: Maria Kim
Location: Closter, NJ
Day & Time: Fridays @ 9am
Members: Women (children welcome, but no childcare provided)
Topic: Beth Moore's 'Entrusted: A Study On 2 Timothy'

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