Arts In Ministry


God has always moved powerfully through different forms of art throughout history and as a ministry and church, we want to put our best foot forward to continue glorifying Him through the arts. Whether it is through songs, video presentations, decoration, photos, drama, or dance, we want to do everything in our creative abilities to enhance our experience in how we worship God during Sunday services and in our daily lives. We desire to reclaim the arts for God!

The mission of Art in Ministry is to help the congregation take ownership of worship and be active participants. Worship is not just a band playing and singing on a Sunday, that is simply the musical aspect of it. In fact, every ministry within the church serves to worship God somehow. For AiM's purposes, there are so many different art forms that can be used to worship God and we are fortunate in having a team that is utilizing various modes to do lead this charge, but the congregation is not called to just spectate. Artists! We hope to encourage you to use your gifting for the glory of God. Let lifting Jesus up on high be the ultimate goal :)

Upcoming Arts Events

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