How Are You Doing at Creation Care? A Follow-up Post

How are you doing at caring for the planet? A couple of months ago we looked at what God’s word has to say about planet Earth and our responsibility to care for it. We talked about some down-to-earth actions each one of us can take to reduce our use of fossil fuels or otherwise lessen our contribution to global warming and the general trashing of the planet.

After that Sunday message, I was pretty shocked to learn my wife, Linda, was convicted to adopt a 99% no clothes-dryer practice. I was already content with how much dryer use we had  eliminated and I was convinced that there was no reasonable way to dry bed sheets without using the dryer. Wrong again. Linda discovered the marvel of a retractable cloths line and announced that she wanted me to research, purchase and install one for her…in our bedroom?

So now, for a few hours, one day a week, the sheets quietly dry on the clothesline in our bedroom. Except for houseguest and other rare occasions, the dryer now sits dormant. When not in use, the clothesline neatly tucks away – almost invisible. Score one for the planet!

Oh, I also took my car in for the manufacturer suggests 7,500 mile oil change a couple weeks ago and drove away with a sticker in my windshield reminding me to hurry back in 3,000 miles to dump out my perfectly good oil and start over again. Groan.

So, I need you to let me know how you have upgraded your creation-care habits in the last 2 months. I’ll use your wins to encourage others. Thanks for staying in the game and for spreading the word. God really does want us to love what He loves and he loves this world a lot!

Kevin Swanson

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