Thankful to have been sent- so happy to be coming home!

It's 7 am, November 16 in Maseru, Lesotho, and today I start my journey home. After being away for 5 weeks, I’m looking forward to being with Kevin and my Metro church family and friends. I can’t wait to start walking and exercising again, and eating healthy. 5 weeks is a long time to be away! But, God did so many awesome things on this trip. I can see at least some of His purposes in each of the three retreats for missionaries; the Thrive Retreat in Italy, the MAF staff retreat and the Lesotho Women’s retreat that just ended yesterday.

Thank you for sending me to share messages of hope and to come alongside the tired, weary, lonely and hurting. Thank you for sending me to come alongside those who want to do great things for Jesus but who are experiencing team issues. Thank you for sending me to encourage parents who are trying to decide if they should return to the States or send their children to boarding school. The education options have run out for them; now that their kids are older. Thank you for sending me to listen and pray with local people who are stepping into leadership roles typically held by whites and finding that their peers expect them to fail. Thank you for sending me to those who made bad choices early in their lives, but are now earnestly serving Jesus in spite of the consequences they live with. Thank you for sending me to serve adoptive families who cannot return to their home countries for two years because of visa issues. Thank you!

Over and over again at all three retreats, I heard words of awe that we came, unbelief that we loved them so generously and relief that someone cares. They so appreciated worshipping in their native language and the messages of encouragement. The pampering was received well, too!

Thank you for sending me and thank you for coming with me with your prayers and gifts. I pray for you and trust that God is caring for you this day.