Praying with Thanksgiving

Believe it or not, some of us really are morning people. Every Friday a group of us meet up at the Metro office at 6am to spend an hour praying. The only consistent aspects of our time together are we start on time, end on time and spend some time praying in the middle. We almost always have new people checking us out. Some are able to attend regularly, others have schedules that don’t allow that, but all are welcome no matter their schedule.

This past Friday, Pastor David asked the 10 of us who showed up to each share something we were particularly thankful for this Thanksgiving season. A theme emerged right away; each person shared something for which only God could take the credit. These weren’t wimpy little things that we could have done ourselves, they were God-sized actions that resulted in transformed lives, restored bodies and reconciled families. I came away with the strong sense that our little Friday morning community was becoming a powerful force of thanks givers. God’s presence was quite evident and it was clear that as we parted company at 7am we were all much better prepared for whatever the day held.

Submitted by Pastor Kevin Swanson