Gobble Gobble! I mean... Happy Thanksgiving!

Every year, Metro has its annual Thanksgiving meal on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This year, I've ordered the most we've had in Metro history! 440 lbs of whole roasted turkeys, 120 lbs of stuffing, trays and trays of mashed potatoes, corn and string bean - oh, and can't forget the gravy! 

It was a successful event thanks to the volunteers! Children and adults working together to serve the people of Metro - it brings me a lot of joy to see this. It reminds me that we are one community - one huge family. 

I'm practicing the act of being thankful this year. In the little things of life today and even in the rough patches of my past. I hope you can all join with me and see all the goodness God has created for us.

Thank you Metro family and looking forward to another joyful year with you all!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Jenny Lim