Giving the Gift of a Marriage Retreat

Are you wondering what to give your spouse this Christmas? What about a Marriage Retreat this Spring. Metro will be hosting the next Marriage Retreat March 11-13. This is a great time of year to begin thinking of how you will invest and grow your marriage in 2016. 

Many couples have attended the Marriage Retreats. Here is a word of encouragement and testimony from Bruce and Judy Atkins.

I've met Jesus many times throughout my life; when I met my husband, both times when I met my step-daughters, both times when each of my grandchildren were born, and of course last year when I went to and came home to Bruce from Africa. There are stories to tell of my Savior’s faithfulness in my relationships with those I love. When I went on the Marriage Retreat, He was with me everyday!
The atmosphere at the Marriage retreat was very relaxed; we were in such a beautiful early-fall paradise. I have to say, for those who might be nervous to attend,  it wasn't at all scary. We all met in a conference room and Kevin and Linda taught a topic meant to strengthen our marriages. Then, they dismissed the couples to go and discuss that subject. Bruce and I retreated to a private area (of our own choosing) and asked each other questions about what we’d heard and how it applies to our marriage. We carefully examined our responses, learning from and about each other.
As the weekend progressed, walls came down and new concepts sprang to life. My husband truly is my very extraordinary best friend. We're strengthened with that fact every night when we pray together. Our lives have changed and we joyfully serve the Lord.

To find out more about the Marriage Retreat, please contact Pastor Kevin.