The process of being good stewards of all God's gifts


Last night, the Leadership Team (Metro’s Elder Board) got together to go over the budget for 2016. Our staff and their team has worked so hard over the past six weeks to pray and seek God’s direction for their ministry in 2016. In all honesty, budget season is not something that I enjoy. In fact, I dread going into budget meetings. I would rather focus on ministry and not have to talk about money. However, God always reminds and sometimes rebukes me to see the importance of budgets and money. Without money, there is no potential for ministry at Metro Community Church. This is why we desire as a church to be fiscally responsible, but more importantly, be good stewards of the generous donations that people give weekly to our church. 

As we approach the last quarter of the year, I want to encourage our Metro community of the importance of supporting our church through your generous donations. Without it, Metro would simply not be Metro. God calls us to be cheerful and yet sacrificial givers. I hope that as you have been impacted by the ministry of this church, you would be open to worshipping and thanking God through giving generously as we approach the end of the year. The one thing you will learn is that no matter how much you give, you will never be able to out give God.