The Christmas Offering And Me ~ A Story That Goes Both Ways

In 2016, Metro helped me provide care for people serving the least of these in tough regions of the world. The prayers and financial support from our church sent me to Dubai, Turkey, Bulgaria, Mozambique and Lesotho and helped Kevin and me host three marriage retreats. In each place, there were challenges and times when I felt stretched way past my capacity. In each place, God helped me and accomplished amazing things to comfort and strengthen the missionaries I was sent to encourage through speaking and hosting retreats for them.

Part of my work is to prayerfully sit with women around the world via Skype. Together we seek to discern what God is teaching them in the midst of their challenging situations. I’m often very humbled by what the women share. Their faith and trust in God is amazing but often fragile as they face the toughest questions life throws at us. I am privileged to be a prayerful companion because I’m sent by Metro to be a part of their lives so they can be effective in life and ministry.

I’m so thankful Metro partners with me in the work God has given me to do.  Metro uses the Christmas offering to fund the church’s giving for my work and so many more incredibly worthwhile endeavors to reach our needy world with God’s love.

In these last days of 2016, Kevin and I have been pouring over our personal budget for 2017, asking God to show us how we can multiply our giving to Him through Metro. He has graciously answered and given us some new ideas about how we can be more bountiful in response to the amazingly bountiful life He has given us.

We are praying for each one in our Metro family to know how to respond to the financial needs of our church and the opportunities of the Christmas offering. With great anticipation, we look forward to seeing how God answers our prayers!

In just a few days, Kevin and I will be off on an incredible adventure to bring care and encouragement to people serving in hidden places in Asia. These are people who have US and Canadian passports but are ethnically and linguistically gifted to serve in their locations. We are humbled to be able to serve them and we ask for your prayers that the retreat will bless them with rest, renewal, and restoration.

Thank you for sending me to come alongside our brothers and sisters who serve in difficult places. I must hold the stories I’ve been entrusted with in confidence as I’ve promised to be a safe place for those who share with me. But, if you have questions, please connect with me and let’s chat. There are many things God has done that I can testify to in a private setting. 

With a thankful heart,
Linda Swanson

(You can read about the Christmas Offering and how it is used HERE)