And Metro serves Global Women in Dubai

Thank you, Metro Family, for sending me to serve at the Thrive Retreat in Dubai. 75 women from 25 different countries have come to worship and listen to God, and enjoy times with a counselor, a prayer partner, and pampering like massages, haircuts, nutrition planning, life coaching, a consultation with a nurse, and getting their colors and make-up done.

The retreat started Monday afternoon and conversations quickly went deep and our times together have been accented with lots of laughter as well as tears. We've had two medical emergencies and lots of little glitches. But, nothing is stopping God from accomplishing His purposes.

Just now, one of the women I prayed with yesterday came and told me that she felt God's love for her through being assigned to pray with me. "I think," she said, "the high point of this retreat was getting to meet with you. You were such a good fit for me and I saw God's love for me in putting us together." Isn't that amazing. Metro? Thank You for sending me with your prayers and financial support.

The women at this retreat come from all the countries in this region of the world that are daily in the headlines. One woman I prayed with lives in the capitol of a country we have long been trying to rescue from the Taliban. She said that she lives across from a government office building so 100s of cars go by her home each day. After 6 months of living there, she no longer fears that each car driving by is about to blow up. But she does experience fear and anxiety. So do most of the women I prayed with.

Besides the honor of praying with our guests, my role at this retreat is to come alongside the Retreat Coordinator and work with the hotel staff to provide all our needs. There are 39 women on the volunteer team, so almost 120 of us to care for. I'm so thankful that I'm here and that you sent me. 

In just a few days, I'll be joining the Metro Team going to Turkey. I can't wait to meet up with them and see what God will do there. Please keep us in your prayers!

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