We could say their names

Our time at the center yesterday morning led into prep for today and orientation for us. We heard many stories that made the reality of the people who have had to flee their homes more real. Then, last night, we met a young family with a baby and a toddler, who have only been here for one month. The father and mother were desperate for a job, which of course is hard to find because of how many are desperate for  work. The people with us exchanged phone numbers and were able to tell them where they could go for help. 

As we said goodnight last night, our hearts were heavy. Then, today dawned with a new morning to spend with the children at the center. With prayerful hearts we are excited to continue to get to know the people, their children and hear their stories. This afternoon we will get to know the city we are visiting a bit more and visit with some of the families.