Jesus Loves the Little Children

Congratulations to the children that were dedicated or baptized this past Sunday, as well as their parents and loved ones! What a wonderful joy and privilege to be able to say that we want our children to know the Lord and be saved. As parents we affirm that we, “by God’s help, promise to provide a Christian home...and to bring them up in the worship and teaching of the Church, so that they may come to know Christ as their Savior and follow Him as Lord.” As a community we, “promise to be faithful to our calling as members of the body of Christ, so that these children and all other children in our midst may grow up to know and love Him.”

I was asked if dedications were just for infants and babies. In fact, it is open to older children as well. At Metro, parents have the choice of baptizing their infant or dedicating their infant or child. If you are considering either of these, I encourage you to consider both prayerfully and seek counsel from the Metro pastoral staff.

Speaking from my own experience, a small bit of wisdom that I’ve gained is to not rush the process. It is a serious commitment that you want to prepare for with prayer and one that can be very special when shared together with family and friends, including those that don’t attend Metro. With one of our children we invited family and friends in advance to come out to the event and went out for a meal afterwards. It was so encouraging having them there to support us. With another one of our children, we had always planned to do it but decided somewhat last minute to join one that would be happening very soon. So we were more rushed in our preparations and didn’t get to invite everyone that we would have wanted. It was still a wonderful experience, but I wish we could have had more time and focus to prepare for it.

This was a wonderful celebration as a church. MetroNursery put together a “celebration” table with refreshments for all who came by to mark the occasion. We hope to celebrate many more!

By Anna Hong
Director of MetroNursery