Preparing For The Future

7 years ago when my first grandson was born, Linda and I started talking about college and how the ever-increasing cost of a post-secondary education was already pricing far too many high-school graduates out of the market. Linda and I didn’t have any great strategy so we decided to open a dedicated account where we could invest some money from time-to-time in Eliot’s education.

Rather quickly we received some unexpected income and identified some discretionary money that we could deposit in the college fund. Without making any dramatic changes in our life style we have watched the fund grow to over 10k in less than 7 years. In addition we have become vocal with other family members about this need in the hopes that they too might join the effort to help provide a college education for Eliot (and now his younger brother as well!). I have every confidence that by the time these guys go to college, there will be a significant amount available.

What on earth does this have to do with Metro?!? Thanks for asking. Our Leadership Team has recently made the decision to open a Building Fund for our future home in Englewood. We believe that God wants us to buy or build a facility in this community that can facilitate transformation at multiple levels for our under-resourced neighbors. It will be a multi-use facility that will serve the community and provide Metro Church office space during the week and will be our place of worship on Sundays.

Linda and I have made the decision to begin contributing to the Building Fund above and beyond what we already give. We want to get in on the ground floor and have a  small part in a big thing that God is doing in our community. As the number of people participating increases I believe that we will be surprised and encouraged by this significant investment in the future of our community as well as in Metro Community Church

Participating in the Building Fund happens though our regular offering envelopes (memo - Building Fund) or selecting the same in the on-line giving option on the Metro web site.

Let's prepare for the future together!
Pastor Kevin Swanson