God continues to let Metro be used in Turkey

Grace and her son

If you have been around Metro for more than a few years, you probably know the name Grace Liaw. Grace was the Metro office manager for several years before she took a position with an international school in Shanghai. Thankfully Grace stays connected with Metro and shares our vision of transformation on a global level. When Grace found out that Metro had sent a team to Turkey in the spring of this year to help with refugee relief and that the team identified a huge need for someone to organize a curriculum for the Syrian refugee children, her humble response was simply, “I think I could help.” We quickly agreed. Grace’s training and experience in curriculum development is exactly what was needed.

Fast forward to June. Grace has her tickets from Shanghai to Turkey and will spend 3 weeks in July at the same church/school where the Metro team served back in March. Grace has already spent significant time conversing with the staff at the church and researching best options for the teaching materials and program needed. 

At the end of July she plans to come back home to Jersey so we hope to get a live update on our friends in Turkey and the progress of the school. Please keep Grace in your prayers! 

Pastor Kevin