Ask Suah a question

Suah, why do you follow Jesus? What does that look like in your day to day life? 

Early in my dating relationship with my husband, I remember asking my mom how I would know, for certain, whether or not the person I was in a relationship with was "the one." My mom thought about it for a bit and said, "I think you know it's forever when, whether it's good times or bad, you can't imagine your life without the other person."

I was reminded of this particular conversation when I was prompted to consider why it is that I follow Jesus.

I can't begin to imagine my life without Jesus. There are a million and one reasons why this is so (perhaps even literally), but the one that most resonates with me is that I can no longer imagine my life without the freedom that comes with following Christ.

Because I follow Jesus, I can choose to be:
Free from fear.
Free from anger.
Free from envy.
Free from being defined by my circumstances.

Because I follow Jesus, I am now:
Free to fail.
Free to forgive.
Free to love and let the "haters hate."
Free to become more like Christ.

Christ's death and resurrection remind me, time and time again, that I'm not a slave anymore. Jesus died the death I should have died, so that I could have the freedom to live the life He lived. Whether it's good times or bad, I know it's forever because I can’t imagine my life without Jesus.

Suah Hwang